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[This is ust some of what Alex had to say about her First Time Video there is a lot more she was excited] “I wanted to get pictures and video like she did and I want to have lots of guys watch me get naked.  You get to see not just my tits but my coochie too!  Only 3 guys have ever seen me this naked and they were boyfriends.  We went to town on the pics going all out and stuff showing my tits and pussy sort of making me nervous about people being around to catch me posing out here.  I don’t think we ever did much photos that wasn’t in a public place!  The photographer told me to squish my breasts with my forearms but I looked like a praying mantis that way!  Loved my pics the way he made me look thinner.  I thought all photography makes you look 10 pounds heavier but it was different in my shoot.  I got a cd of all my pics and some of the headshots and nonnudes I can show to my parents so they think it was regular modeling.  So we went back home and I ran into this huge dildo and for a minute my heart sank I thought I would have to use that think in my video!  I didn’t believe any girl could use that thing until they showed me some girls using it on video.  Personally I think its gross but that’s me.  I haven’t had sex for so long that sticking up a vibrator up my coochie sort of hurt!  I masturbate but its with my fingers or a vibrator on my clit.“

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