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This whole video idea started from a member and fan of me who asked if I could try a champagne bottle in a video.  I’ve used all kinds of toys and did the marble speculum thing but this is new to me and kinkier I think.  I rubbed the bottle on me so that it would pick up some of my wetness and then tried pushing it in.   Its like a glass toy except its a lot heavier but it feels really good.  Since it doesn’t vibrate, its more like a hard penis feeling and I won’t come so quickly like that.  I used my hand to rub myself and get me more aroused.   How about riding it like the FTV toy I did last year?  I wanted to try and see how it feels.  On the video I see I could push down deeper past the neck part but I like the feeling better when I was on my back.  The riding was making me hot and sweaty so I took off my shirt and continued naked on my back.  I think its the way it hits my g-spot when I push it up thats so cool about the bottle.  You know, I think I’m a screamer now when I come.  At least it looks that way in the videos.

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